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Blogging and such

7 Jun

Hello! And welcome! You made it here because you were simply taking a walk down the ol’ Internet avenue or perhaps you wanted to find me, Daniela Ginta.

Either way, you are here and I am …well, not quite. I am very present though in two blogs that I am maintaining and you can find them at and at The first has been my blogging playground for a while now – a receptacle of thoughts and opinions that I’ve been putting together for more than three years. The other one,, is the new one and that is where I will be writing about…writing. The ups and downs, the things I’ve been leaning along the way, the people I meet…

Wondering why not write here consistently? Well, let’s put it this way. I’ve been around blogging stuff long enough to know that two is all I can do for now. Between raising rambunctious bouncy boys, writing for a living and all the other things that humans have to do or like to do – time permitted! – a third blog might not be best idea. Sanity-wise. Though one could argue… never mind.

So take your pick. Or visit both. Either way, it’s an honor to have you take the time to read. And comment if you’re so inclined. No pressure, but do know that comments make one feel like the message got somewhere close to where it was supposed to. Call it writing with a purpose, but I disagree. It’s writing. The purpose presents itself as we go…

See you on the other side!